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State Championships 2022

We had one of the biggest turnouts at a competition ever at this years State Championships. We had our newest swimmers in the Starfish/Seahorse group swim a display on the first day, and we had our more experienced swimmers competing in many different events throughout both days.

It was also our first State Championships with many new faces in our coaching team and everyone did a good job! Well done to coaches, swimmers, parents and volunteers for pulling off a successful competition.

Results from our club at State Championships in the top three:


Masters Figures - 2nd Elle, 3rd Elena

Grade 6 Figures - 1st Abigail, 2nd Heidi

12 and Under Figures - 2nd Sarah, 3rd Emi

13-15 Figures - 1st Sherelle


Junior Tech Solo - 2nd Charlotte

Junior Free Solo - 2nd Charlotte

13-15 Solo - 1st Sherelle


Masters 18-39 Years Duet Tech - 1st Elle and Elena

Masters 40 Years and Over Duet Tech - 1st Anna and Anya

Masters 40 Years and Over Duet Free - 1st Anna and Anya

Junior Tech Duet - 2nd Charlotte and Anneke (PLC)

13-15 Mixed Duet - 1st Eidren and Andrea

13-15 Duet - 1st Breanna and Sherelle, 3rd Freya and Maria


Masters 18-39 Years Free Team - Artistic Swimming Victoria (ES members: Jennifer, Lauren, Elena, Elle)

Open Highlight - Artistic Swimming Victoria (ES members: Charlotte, Sherelle, Breanna (reserve))

13-15 Team - 2nd Eastern Sirens

Honorary mention to our 12 and Under team of Sarah, Emi, Caitlin and Clara who couldn't compete at the State Championships, but Sarah, Emi and Clara swum the routine as a display. And our 13-15 Duet of Masha and Damaris who also swum their routine as a display.

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