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State Championships 2020

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

We had a busy and successful day at State Championships 2020. As our sport grows, this was the first year we had State Championships held over two days. This allowed our athletes some extra breathing time, but it was still a hectic weekend. The competition was held at our home base - Aquanation!

Results from our club at State Championships in the top three:


Masters Figures - 2nd Prateeti, 3rd Anais

Junior Figures - 2nd Charlotte

12 and Under Figures - 3rd Breanna


Junior Tech Solo - 1st Charlotte

Junior Free Solo - 1st Charlotte

Masters Tech Solo - 2nd Anais, 3rd Jennifer

Masters Free Solo - 2nd Jennifer

12 and Under Solo - 2nd Breanna


Masters Tech Duet - 1st Prateeti and Adelina (GF)

Masters Free Duet - 1st Prateeti and Adelina (GF)

Junior Tech Duet - 2nd Natasha and Shyanne

Junior Free Duet - 2nd Charlotte and Lena (GF)

13-15 Mixed Duet - 1st Eidren and Sherelle

13-15 Duet - 2nd Maria and Sherelle, 3rd Briana and Tana

12 and under Duet - 2nd Vlada and Freya, 3rd Andrea and Damaris


13-15 Team - 2nd Eastern Sirens

12 and Under Team - 2nd Eastern Sirens

Honorary mention to our Senior Team that did a display at State Championships!

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