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State Championships 2019

Well done to athletes, judges and coaches for a successful day. We have all worked hard up until this point and had a good day.


12 and under Figures - 2nd Sherelle

13-15 Figures - 3rd Charlotte

Junior Figures - 1st Charlotte, 3rd Shyanne


12 and Under Solo - 2nd Sherelle

13-15 Solo - 3rd Charlotte

Masters Tech Solo - 1st Adelina, 2nd Connie

Masters Free Solo - 1st Jen, 2nd Connie


12 and Under Duet - 1st Maria and Breanna

13-15 Duet - 2nd Charlotte and Ashley (GF)

Junior Tech Duet - 1st Natasha and Charlotte

Junior Free Duet - 1st Natasha and Charlotte

Masters Tech Duet - 1st Prateeti and Adelina


Grade 4 Team - 2nd Eastern Sirens

12 and Under Team - 1st Eastern Sirens

Open Team - 2nd Eastern Sirens

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