We send weekly emails. It is the member's responsibility to ensure their email is up to date on revolutioniseSPORT .

Eastern Sirens Supervision Policy
We take the safety of your children seriously and we appreciate your partnership in applying these
policies. We support Watch Around Water. Children 10 years and under must be supervised at all
times by a parent or carer (carers must be aged at least 16).

Children 12 years and under should be dropped off and picked up from training and competitions by a parent or carer.

Fees Description
​- Annual Registration Fee with Artistic Swimming Victoria and Artistic Swimming Australia
- Term Fees
- Aquanation/Brunswick Pool Entry or Membership


Competitive Swimmers:
- Individual & Extra Training Fees (only where applicable)

- Travel expenses (only where applicable)
- Competition Entry Fees
- Competition Bathers
- Uniform

Swimmers who are not registered with Artistic Swimming Victoria and Artistic Swimming Australia
through revolutioniseSPORT will not be able to enter the water.

Register here: https://www.revolutionise.com.au/ssvic/registration/


Eastern Sirens Club Term Fees Policy
Training fees must be paid in full by week 4 of each term. Invoices will be sent out during week 2 of
term. If fees have not been paid, athletes will be excluded from training until payments have been
made or a payment plan arranged with the treasurer. Payments can be made via direct deposit
(details are provided on the invoice), cheque or in person. If you require a payment plan, please
contact the treasurer before week 4 of each term.

The Eastern Sirens program operates on a term basis following the Victorian state school terms. Fees
are invoiced by the Treasurer each term based on lessons over a 10-week term. Athletes
commencing mid-term will be charged a pro-rata term fee. Note that absences during the term will
not attract a refund or credit unless for medical reasons that require an absence from training longer than two weeks. A medical certificate may be required.

If you require term fees to be changed, you will need to submit a term fee change request form.
Make up sessions are encouraged where possible.

Please email easternsirenssynchro@gmail.com to request treasurer contact details or term fee
change request form.

Family Member Policy
Each additional family member gets 10% off their term fees.

​​Further policies and procedures (adopted from Artistic Swimming Australia)


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a committee member as soon as possible.
We have a designated Member Protection Information Officer.