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Change Our Game: Eastern Sirens Event

Eastern Sirens celebrated the 2018-2019 season with the help of a Change Our Game grant to invite Aus Dolphins swimmer Jess Hansen to speak about her journey through the teenage years and beyond as well as her drive to compete for Australia. Our young girls learnt a lot about how to deal with being a girl in an aquatic environment as well as how to navigate through the later years at school. Encouraging our girls to love themselves for who they are and continue to do what they love even if their friends are not.

We would also like to thank Dustin Halse MP for coming and speaking to our girls and families at our special event today. Dustin Halse MP represents the seat of Ringwood and we really appreciate the support of the local government towards our club. We look forward to collaborating with you further to help us grow and move towards a bigger and stronger awareness within the area.

Finally, thank you to This Girl Can VIC for providing us with props to help us make a little photo booth corner.

The event concluded with handing out club participation certificates and awards and viewing a slideshow of the past year. It was a great chance to reflect and celebrate!

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