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State Championships 2018

Phew! What a hectic day!

Eastern Sirens competed yesterday (March 3rd 2018) at the Victorian State Championships. It was a busy day from 10:30am in the morning at MSAC until 7pm at night but it was amazing for coaches, swimmers and parents to see all the hard work over the past year pay off. So much improvement from everyone! This was only our second ever State Championships and it was great to see what everyone had accomplished together. We also had a great special performance from our recreational swimmers.


Masters Tech Solo- 1st: Connie Maher

13-15 Solo- 3rd: Charlotte Smith

13-15 Duet- 2nd: Charlotte Smith, Natasha Ransley-Raven

12 and Under Duet- 3rd: Maria Kulshitskaya, Breanna Wickham

Open Combo- 2nd: Charlotte Smith, Natasha Ransley-Raven, Maria Kulshitskaya, Breanna Wickham, Prateeti Sabhlok, Ruby Arter, Jennifer Pak, Briana Brown

And special mention to Charlotte Smith for winning 'Most Improved Swimmer'. Astounding achievement and well-deserved!

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