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1 Year Anniversary

Eastern Sirens has now been active for a little more than a year! We had a social event after training last Sunday to celebrate - making use of the inflatables, water slide and diving boards at Aquanation for a fun afternoon. It was a great opportunity for the swimmers to get to know each other outside of the pool. We also had a special guest- Hannah Cross from Goldenfish (Rio 2016 Olympic Athlete)! Hannah shared stories about her experience over the years, answered questions and took photos with our team.

A big thank you to the parents for all their support. Successes from the past year:

First Ever Adult Synchro Session in Victoria

Display at State Championships

3 (soon to be 5) new competitive swimmers

Addition of a second session

Thank you to everyone who brought food for the lunch and we hope to see Eastern Sirens and the synchronized swimming community in Victoria continue to grow in the next year.

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