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What We Teach (Resource for Parents)

In Victoria, we base our beginner synchronised swimming program off the Canadian star program. Each level is a progression from the previous level. To pass any element you must get a score of 4.0-5.0 which means it has been performed deficient-satisfactory on the FINA judging scale.

Every session your coach will be going through each of the Star elements. Upon completion, the swimmers may be officially tested at training by an external judge who will provide a certificate or badge. Coaches also do unofficial testing periodically to track the progress of your child.

The judging scale:

10 Perfect

9.5-9.9 Near perfect

9.0-9.4 Excellent

8.0-8.9 Very good

7.0-7.9 Good

6.0-6.9 Competent

5.0-5.9 Satisfactory

4.0-4.9 Deficient

3.0-3.9 Weak

2.0-2.9 Very weak

0.1-1.9 Hardly recognisable

0 Completely failed

If you would like the full manual, please ask the coaches and they can forward you the PDF. Below is a snippet of what the manual contains and is a good guide for you and your child before going to training.


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